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We offer domestic housing, solar heating, general maintenance and gas installations.

Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water Heating

Solar hot water supply and install of solar hot water systems including roof mounted close coupled systems (tank and panels on roof) or split (tank on ground panels or tube on the roof) flat panel or evacuated tubes.

We can do electric or gas boosted systems We do maintenance and repairs on solar hot water systems using quality user-friendly Astevia solar controllers coupled with quality Grundfos pumps.

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Reclaim Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

We offer heat pump sales, installation and replacements for all major brands.

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Pool Heating

Pool Heating

We offer pool heat pump sales, installation and replacements for all major brands.

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Rainwater tanks

Rain Water Tanks & Changeover Systems

For residential rainwater storage, we recommend poly water tanks as they are UV-stabilised, taste-free and odour-free, ensuring the best-quality water for your home.

Polyethylene water storage tanks come in different sizes based on your needs and the available space. Smaller rainwater tanks hold between 500L and 5,100L, perfect for those who do not want to compromise on space but still intend to make smart investments for their home.

Slimline rainwater tanks save space, are discreet and blend into your home environment, storage tanks help Australian households and businesses shift to an environmentally friendly and economic water source.

Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration Systems

Water Filter systems remove unwanted tastes and odours from mains water to provide clean, fresh-tasting water straight from your tap. The domestic systems such as a osmosis water filter are compact and easy to use.

Osmosis Unit uses advanced reverse osmosis technique to provide healthy and testy drinking water to help you enjoy your life. The heart of the reverse osmosis Unit is a Reverse Osmosis Membrane with 0.0001 micron precision which totally removes the bacteria, heavy metal, salt , bad mineral substance and other dissolved matter and chemical drug in the running water.

Roof Guttering

Roofing, Guttering & Fascia

Roofing (rain water harvesting)

We are both fully licensed plumbing and roof plumbing company We can handle from a new roof to a full roof replacement, tie to metal, metal for metal to repairs on your existing roof.

Gutter replacement, down pipes metal or pvc and a large range of leaf guard for all environments. We only use the highest quality products Ace for roofing and guttering Karben industries for leaf guard.

General Plumbing

Gas Fitting & General Plumbing

General plumbing Hot water maintenance and replace ment of electric storage , gas storage and continuous flow gas Hot Water Service.

We cover a large variety of general plumbing replacing water lines, run extra lines for taps or gas outlets, supply and install water filtration whole house or under sink.

We cater for retro work and new builds.

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Kinetic Water Solutions

Kinetic Water Solutions

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